Apply for a License - Step 1


Complete Pre-License Education

even if you are applying "by reciprocity" from another state

60 hours for salespersons
180 hours for brokers

Broker applications must have been "actively engaged" in real estate full-time (averaging 40/hours week) for 36 of the 48 months prior to applying.

No experience requirement for salesperson applicants.

Visit the Real Estate - Pre-License page on the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation website for more information, approved schools and courses, and a chart of clock hours of broker education acceptable from other states.

Appy for a License - Step 2


Pass the Virginia and National Exams

Exam scores are only valid for one year, and then they expire.

Apply to take the national and state portions of the exam. Download the Candidate Information Bulletin from the Board's vendor, PSI Exams, to learn how to register.

Select GOVERNMENT/STATE LICENSING AGENCIES, choose VIRGINIA as the jurisdiction, then VA REAL ESTATE for account, and finally click on VA SALESPERSON or VA BROKER for classification.

If you are already licensed in another state and your out-of-state license is not expired, then you only need to pass the "state" part of the Virginia exam.

Exam registration by mail or fax only (no online option for reciprocity applicatnts.

Apply for a License - Step 3


Get Your Fingerprints Taken

Background checks expire after 45 days. This step is only necessary if you are not currently licensed as a salesperson in Virginia.

If you live in Virginia, you must have your fingerprints taken at a PSI testing location in Virginia.

Even if you live outside of Virginia, you are highly encouraged to get your fingerprints taken at a Virginia PSI testing location because it will speed up the mandatory background check process.

If you do not live in Virginia, and are unable to get your fingerprints taken at a Virginia PSI exam testing location, please contact the Board office.

A complete application must be on file with the Board within 45 days -- or else you will have to get your fingerprints taken again for an additional fee.

Apply for a License - Step 4


Print, Complete, Sign & Mail Application

Use most recent form downloaded directly from DPOR website.

A license cannot be issued until your application is 100% accurate and complete.

  • all questions answered
  • all documentation + fee attached
  • background check is not older than 45 days

Special Notes for BROKER APPLICANTS:

  • Sole Proprietor broker applicants: Be sure to mark the application correctly and include all required documentation.
  • Principal Broker applicants opening your own firm: Attach a complete FIRM application to your accurate & complete individual broker application


  • Licensure certification from other state(s) must be dated less than 60 days from the time we receive your complete and accurate application.
  • Certifications of licensure are required from ALL states where you are or have been licensed to practice real estate.

Only after reviewing: (1) all four steps above, (2) the PSI Candidate Information Bulletin, and (3) the entire application form, contact Board staff if you still have questions.

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